Thursday, 25 October 2012

Khyber? Pass.

More than ten years after a pumped up psycho President  Bush decided to teach them ragheads a lesson for 9/11, it has finally dawned on the powers that be that invading Afghanistan was all just a big farce to extract as much money from the taxpayer as possible, whilst handing it to manufacturers of bombs and greedy Vichy government officials.

All the lives lost on both sides, all the limbless children, all the horrors inflicted on the civilian population in the name of “civilisation” have shown the Afghans that the West is anything BUT civilised. Their steadfast refusal to adopt a western model of work, consume, pretend to vote, die, whilst handing every aspect of their lives over to the central state (to be auctioned to every corporation with a vested interest) has infuriated our Politicians and military leaders who were convinced that if the savages could just be bombed into submission, an emerging market, ripe for exploitation, would validate the slaughter and sacrifice.

Like Somalia before, Afghanistan just shows that there are alternative models apart from the bloated centralised State. Sure, it might not be paradise to you or I, but you have never been able to bomb a people out of the middle ages, no matter how many diversity coordinators and wimmins rights activists you send into a village that hasn’t changed for 1,000 years.

Get out, build a wall high enough to keep them in (and Pakistan out), cut the funding, cut the bribes and corruption, stop the bombing, let the dust settle and see what develops – it certainly cannot evolve into anything worse than the fly blown hell hole and death trap we so proudly declare to be the current solution to their problems.

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