Monday, 31 January 2011

Tally me banana

You may keep one for yourself. Now get back to work

The state, ever greedy is about to throw another 750,000 people tax bills of 40% of their income, whilst little-publicised tax credit cuts will push the marginal rates of 175,000 working parents up above 70%. In theory, effective tax rates in Middle Britain could reach 83%, the rate that Labour levied on Britain's top earners before 1979.

Think about that for a moment. 83% of your labour will go straight to the state. Resist and your door will be kicked in and you will be dragged off to prison. Just 17% of what you earn is yours. The rest belongs, by default, to the plantation owner.

Meanwhile, the idiot volunteer tax collectors of the left (#ukuncut) are finding out the hard way that the Plantation owner has no love for them either.

Stop being farmed. Stop being slaves. You nor your labour belong to anyone but you, to do with as you wish. Learn to say NO.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

when Governments forget....

When Governments forget why they hold office, this happens. When Governments plunder, tax, steal, rob, supress, torture and murder the very people they are supposed to represent, this happens. When Governments decide that the State is more important than the people, this happens.

Long may it continue to be so.

Can't pay, won't pay

If, like me, you refuse to pay the compulsory tax the BBC levy on citizens who have no need or wish for their services or if you have escaped to some foreign clime where private companies do not knock on your door demanding payment for a service you have not requested, you love'll this.

Watch UK TV anywhere in the world, on your PC, for free.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Walk like an Egyptian

Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia plus a plethora of other minor Arab states are undergoing a very simple revolution.

Might has always been right. The biggest tribe took everything. Presidents were selected for life based on how many palms were greased. Democracy was something foolish Westerners practised but who cares as long as their aid kept coming to buy the Learjets, their weapons kept coming allowing neighbour to fight neighbour and their multinationals kept coming to dig up more of this black sticky stuff that lets them honour Allah by buying solid gold Rolls Royces.

Of course, to your average North African or Arab, it's always been that way. The few at the top got the lot and you were lucky if he let you take your goats to his water hole to drink. If the natives got uppity, a few Imams could be summoned to declare protest was against Islam and the masses would go back to the desert to grow olives whilst their rulers feasted in the tent of plenty.

Suddenly, it ain't so. Goat herders are getting sick of watching the elite, installed for generations simply helping themselves to wealth owned by the people. People who would normally sit under a palm tree cursing Allah that they were born into the wrong tribe are now on the streets, demanding a slice of their own future, demanding an end to dictatorships, an end to censorship, an end to enforced poverty, an end to the status quo that says "it was ever thus".

Are we seeing a genuine revolution that will free MILLIONS from the slavery of tribal rulers and vested interest Imams? I certainly hope so. They have 500 years to catch up. The sooner they start, the better.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

To the abbatoir

The State Minister of All Money inspects self assessment tax returns, yesterday

I notice the more standard Political blogs are making a huge fuss this morning of the ONS figures that show that the "economy" shrank by 0.5% last month "due to bad weather"

From my perspective, I have no interest in what the "State" economy is doing. I appreciate that to the Government, it is vital. A "growing" economy means more tax revenue as the citizens it forces to cough up their hard earned money will have more of the stuff, whilst "shrinking economy" means it will have to use more violence against the citizens to obtain the same level of funding it so desperately craves.

I am only interested in MY economy. The economy I can control. If my times are hard, I will simply spend less, consume less, grow more of my own food, make do and chop a few more logs for the fire. If the Government however decides it can no afford an army of diversity coordinators to administer Muslim outreach programs on the Isle of Skye, it will simply force us to pay more taxes until it can. In this way, a shrinking economy is good for the citizen, bad for the State. Do you really care that State tractor production is down 0.5%?

Remember the golden rule. The State is the shepherd. All he wants is the biggest flock of obedient sheep he can manage (with the help of his sheepdogs) raised to the fattest weight at the lowest cost he can achieve.

Ignore what the State dictates is important and concentrate on what is important in your life. The State is not your friend, it is your master. It's goal is to take us all to the abattoir for the best price.

Go free range. Or continue to be farmed. Simple as that.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Thar she blows!!

The first "fake" charity is to DEMAND the RIGHT to steal YOUR money. Expect much, much more of this as the welfare addicted, so lavishly serviced by their socialist dealers meet the real world. "There's no money left" Remember?

The Politburo rewards the servants of the Glorious State

Hear them scream, hear them wail. As the diktat from above echoes through the Town Halls up and down the land that the glory days of full Socialist employment with the Council and jobs for life for loyal apparatchiks is over, watch them plunder the coffers

Private health insurance, mortgage subsidies, living allowances, and large redundancy payments are the new Soviet order of the day. A desperate grab on what remains before the allied forces arrive and put a stop to the little Soviet Empires built on taxes extracted from the turnip picking masses by force.

The party Faithful are rewarded with Datchas, limousines and cash in return for their loyal services to Diversity Coordination, LGBT Outreaching and Community Enforcement.

The full story of the fall of the British Socialism and the greedy plundering of the vaults can be found HERE

Friday, 21 January 2011

Tally Ho!

Hunting fishing and shooting MP Richard Benyon (Cons), a junior minister at DEFRA reveals more than a little interest in the Common Agricultural Policy.

€2,574,302 in EU subsidies to be precise.

Nice to see the Land owning gentry, after 1,000 years, are still fleecing the peasants by force.

The divine right of entitlement

When the state boots out the concept of self responsibility and becomes the parent, citizens become children.

I see it every day. "It's my right, innit". "I'm entitled to it". Of course I'm not talking about petulant teenagers demanding that I pay them £30 a week to go and sit in a 6th Form Youth Club instead of beginning to make their way in the world, I'm not talking about the "poor" who live in £3000 a month properties that those who commute 4 hours a day could never afford, I'm not talking about those so morbidly fat that I have to buy them cars, mobility scooters, heavy duty beds and an army of carers to keep their calorie intake at 20K a day. I'm not talking about the uninsured who build their houses on flood plains and then demand I pay for their new carpets or the recently arrived economic migrant who demands I find him accommodation in his own language and culture. I'm not talking about the feckless who insist that a mobile phone and a car is a necessity, not a luxury and demand I top up their wages or benefits so they too can get drunk at the weekend and send me the bill.

No, I'm talking specifically about Karen Clark, of Daisy Close, Cambridge. Already housed at the expense of the taxpayer, she DEMANDS a taxi take her 13 year old "autistic" Jamie to school.

“If he didn’t get the school transport I don’t think it would be feasible for us to get him to that school"

Of course not. Millions and millions of parents up and down the land struggle to get their offspring out of bed, dressed and fed and off to school. They walk, cycle, catch the bus and drive their 4x4s but they know it is their responsibility to drop their little darlings off at the "holding tank" that most schools have become.

Of course a veritable ARMY of State employees are desperate to justify their role as "nanny" to the feckless (and claim fat salaries and pensions) so we have Gerri Bird, forum manager of Disability Cambridgeshire stating:

"parents would be “frightened to death”. “This is like going back to the Dark Ages.”

The Dark Ages of having to take responsibility for what you, by your own choice, brought into the world, no less. How barbaric.

It takes my children over an hour on trains to get to school every morning at a cost to me (not the taxpayer) of £2000 a year per child. My children, my choice, my responsibility, my money. Sixty years it has taken, just two generations of Fabian Government to turn us from strong, reliable, honest, brave, hardworking individuals to frail, dependent, high maintenance, benefit addicted little cogs in the huge State machine, serviced by an army of "maintenance" engineers.

Instead of breaking the chains, we simply demand more oil on them. We really do deserve everything we have coming to us, just as the spoilt brat eventually finds out he is no longer the centre of the universe, our citizens are about to hit the brick wall of the real world. There's nothing left for the State to bribe us with. It spent all our money doing exactly that. Ask Ed Balls.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Fat fighters

I see that peculiarly British religion, the NHS is about to come in for a rough time.

I am no great fan, I must admit. If the system was so fantastic then surely richer and poorer nations than us would have adopted the model that employs more people than the Chinese Army and Walmart and South America combined but amazingly they haven't.

I'm not going to get caught in huge arguments about Nanna's hips or premature babies, but if I was in PR, I would nominate the face of Paul Mason, Britain's fattest man to represent it.

Useless, bloated, immovable, self loathing, self pitying, angry, hugely expensive, high maintenance, unloved, incontinent, self feeding, self perpetuating and in total denial that it is responsible for its own condition.

Nurse. Scalpel please. It's time to extract the cuckoo from the taxpayers nest

Neighbourhood Watch

When I lived in Germany during the 90's, I never ceased to be fascinated by the tales of newly arrived "Ossies", East Germans who were born, bred and educated under Soviet Communism.

As they flooded out of their homeland to an uncertain future, they brought with them shocking tales of curtain twitching, refused University places, denied access to a car or travel, a forced career in packing toilet rolls in a factory all on the tittle tattle of a neighbour, desperate to climb the greasy Party Pole and to ingratiate themselves with officials who would look favourably on loyal citizens who would willingly shop their lifelong friends for a bite of the Marxist cherry.

If you kept your nose clean, didn't listen to Western Music, subscribed to the Party newspaper, waved a red flag when required, the most you could hope for was that the all powerful State might leave you in peace to harvest turnips. Alas, for most, that was never going to happen. All the citizens of East Germany were the rightful property of the State to do with as it pleased. House arrest, internal exile, detention without trial or evidence and the constant presence of an army of paid and unpaid watchers to make sure you towed the Party line.

It comes as no surprise to see that during 13 years of authoritarian Socialist rule in the UK, many of the tell signs of Soveitism were adopted. House arrest, detention without trial, curfews, internal exile, tagging, ASBOs, ID cards, CCTV, ANPR were all greedily snapped up by Labour in an attempt to keep on eye on the number 1 enemy of any repressive State. The very citizens of the State. Trust no one, everyone is the enemy.

Ten per cent of the East Germany population willingly signed up to be voluntary informants on their fellow citizens. The hated Stasi infiltrated every nook and cranny of daily life. Anyone not in a uniform was threat to the State. Anyone who might have freedom of thought was a suspect.

And now we discover that on top of all the abuse of civil liberties under the banner of Labour, we see that the Police developed their own Stasi right here. Undercover agents marrying "suspects" and raising families with them, all in the name of "surveillance". All in the name of protecting the State.

This is not hyperbole. Our Police force, along with our political system is out of control. No longer fit for purpose, redundant. It kills, murders, imprisons, spies and tortures with impunity. It answers to no one.

And people wonder why I want NOTHING to do with the State and it's grasping, probing, ever intrusive tentacles?

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Tidy your bloody room

Today will see hundreds of thousands of otherwise unemployable "students" demanding that they continue to receive pocket money of up top £30 a week for simply hauling their spotty arses out of their wanking pits and heading off to the youth club that is today's six form.

Today will also see scores of Labour politicians pontificating that withdrawing free funding for hair dye, iTunes downloads, mobile phone credit, Man Utd tops and Bacardi Breezers is some how unfair on the little darlings.

The reason most kids go to six form is because their GCSE results are fucking worthless, thanks to Fabian "educationalists" handing them out to all and sundry and without A levels they will be sitting on the sofa on the dole, dying their hair, downloading iTunes, chatting on their mobiles, dressed in Man Utd tops drinking Bacardi Breezers for the rest of their miserable lives on £65 a week.

Education is free. Get some and shut up moaning. Your turn to be fleeced by the Tax man will come soon enough. If you don't like them apples, go and wash some cars, deliver some junk mail, babysit a screaming spoilt brat or get a Saturday job. Just get your hands out of my pockets. Come back and talk to me when you have 5 A* A levels, not two pieces of embossed paper proving you turned up to lessons occasionally

Ask any parent. Don't give kids money for nothing. It ruins them and gives them an over inflated sense of entitlement and the expectation that someone else will mop up the mess. Kids, stop treating the place like a bloody hotel and get a part time job. Every other human that lived on the planet did, you ain't THAT special.

Skip Licker nails it

Saturday, 15 January 2011

No justice, no peace.

Sorry Tony, we're still after you, you murderous, lying, thieving bastard. We won't stop. Ever

a civilised Revolution

Looking at the developments in Tunisia, an uprising became a revolution when the state just pushed the sheep a little too hard.

Ben Ali did what all leaders do. Took utter control of the populace, simply because he could. corruption ensured that the police, his sheepdogs, were well rewarded for their loyalty in brutalising the very people they were being paid to protect and his entourage grew fat by stealing the wealth of the people.

Take a long hard look at OUR Political elite. Most of the Labour hierarchy have become wealthy beyond their dreams simply by stealing our money. Mandelson, Blair and the scrabble to grasp whatever was available and the overwhelming urge to destroy whatever mechanisms the simple citizen could use to acquire his own wealth. Regulation, taxes, the Judiciary, minimum wage, the welfare state, all finely honed to keep the poor in their place. Poor whilst serving the ruling elite either by trading their vote for a roof over their head and few crumbs. Freedoms removed to ensure that the Elite stay safe in the positions of power.

The uprising in Tunisia was caused by a simple act of desperation. An unemployed man, unable to earn money and not fed by the Welfare state decided he would sell vegetables to his fellow citizens. To the State, this was intolerable. No permit, no official permission to earn a living and stay alive. So the sheepdogs, the police, confiscated every single thing he owned.

Mohamed Bouazizi, realising he was never to be free in his own land, simply set fire to himself.

Two weeks later, and the wealthy ruling elite have fled. There is no Ayatollah waiting in the wings, no organised resistance or opposition waiting to seize power. People just decided that the unknown was better than the known. We saw it in East Germany and the Soviet Bloc. Peaceful refusal to be the slaves of the State and the tools of a handful of vicious politicians.

I don't know the future of Tunisia more than the next man, but I wish them well. Let's see what a nations citizens can do when the chains that bound them are now gone.

Our politicians would do well to take note and remember that the bottom line is always a numbers game. 650 of them. 61,000,000 of us. We are ruled and governed by consent, not by bullets and fear. When we withdraw our consent, it really will be "game over".

Friday, 14 January 2011

Faux Democracy

Labour is announcing a "clear victory", a "resounding result" and " a sign that people are angry" with last nights election of Debbie Abrahams to replace the liar Woolas in Oldham as Labour Member of Parliament.

Lest we forget, the registered voters in Oldham number 72,307. Just 14,718 voted for Labour. 1 in 5. 20% if you prefer. 80% of Oldham did not want a Labour MP.

Until we are properly represented, our faux demcracy will continue to be unrepresentative, undemocratic and simply minority rule by an elite. And I will continue to have no part of it.

I refuse to register to vote to play in a game where a 4-1 win is still a legally a defeat. I suggest you do likewise

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Plus ça change

"quick love, before Old Holborn spots us. Shit"

I was having a little dig around in the 2010 Autumn register of members interests this afternoon (as you do) to try and work out how many of our Glorious 650 either work for a bank or received donations from bankers when I stumbled upon this little gem.

Unusual for an an MP to have three members of his direct family employed courtesy of the public purse (and also banned under the rules) so I thought I'd better double check at his website

Well, he's now admitting to only hiring his wife and one daughter but still against the rules. Then my beady evil little eye caught this.

Transferring money from the staffing budget to pay for furniture? In 2007, he claimed £85,795 to pay his family and yet despite spending £28,117 on "furniture" from his office running costs decided to "raid" another allowance.

For reference, allowances are what one MAY claim against receipts. They are not allocated budgets, taxpayer funded pots to be dipped into at will.

In fact, our good friend and all round greedy Jockanese thug Jim Devine is due in court after pleading not guilty (yet confessing in full on TV) to doing exactly the same said thing.

Can't wait to see the receipt he claimed against his staffing budget for "furniture". Are his staff really that wooden? I'll be asking Ipsa in the morning.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

the Health Monopoly

I notice that calls are going out for the State to seize all flu vaccinations and ban those who have money from buying an inoculation with their own money.

I really had hoped for something better when we threw out the authoritarian regime in May. It now appears that stop and search is to be reintroduced, the Police are out of control (still), MPs are still lying thieving shits and most of what we earn is wrenched from our wallets by force to support those who simply refuse to work.

My blogging has been light because frankly, my Patience has worn thin with the same headlines that I was spitting bile at 12 months ago. Unions and vested interest groups are screaming that without my money, there will not be enough Diversity Coordinators to go around, the feckless are still demanding that Nanny tucks them up in bed wipes their arses for them, the electorate are still screaming for useless "public services" even though it will put their children onto bonded labour to pay for it.

It isn't changing. Nothing is changing. It is now only politicians, with the law and their guns against us, people who simply wish to be left alone.

As the above headline proves, wanting to be left alone by the State is likely to made a crime by the State. God help us all.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Netroots UK

The "Fabian window". Smashing up the real world to replace with the false.

I've been having a WHALE of a time today watching the latest attempts of the left to "dominate" the political websphere via Netroots

A little background. The right wing and Libertarians have pretty much dominated on the web for the last five years. the Left has now decided that it needs a piece of the action and in classic collectivist style has decided to have a "conference" and "workshops" at the TUC Congress Hall today. I was tempted to attend, just out of morbid curiosity but the wonder of Twitter allowed me to listen and (cough) contribute in real time.

One thing that the left have simply forgotten is why the right and Libertarians managed to conquer the blogosphere in the first place. I've given advice on those who wished to start a blog many times in my three years here and it hasn't changed one iota. Be funny. Be controversial. Be yourself. People LIKE humour, gossip and scandal. People like to see things they would never see in the real world or in newspapers.

Instead, here are a selection of what they managed today

@felix_cohen: We need a new word for 'organisation' #netrootsuk

Just finished #netrootsuk panel on engaging in hyper #localpolitics- great discussion & a few good contacts.

Main lesson from #netrootsuk workshop: build offline relationships first, online relationships will follow. #digitalactivism

Interesting chat about online social movements collectively defining parameters + values through ongoing action + group reflection

RT @JoshFeldberg: This final session has really clarified my thinking for my digital strategy #NetRootsUK

"Hyperlocal activism workshop is proper digital anthropology gold mine"
Tom Watson started the proceedings badly by referring to those attending as "Comrades" in his speech effectively setting the scene for the Left to decide they were running the agenda. Lee Jasper piped up with complaints that no black groups were invited. Women only workshops whinged about equality, whilst the disabled squabbled over how to make their voices heard more loudly. Soon the agenda (how to make an impact in digital media, remember?) was taken over with anti cuts ranting as eager "students" sat on the floor to listen to people spout buttock clenching bollocks. the wonks soaked it up, scared shitless that not being able to use the Internets would end their careers as sucking off shop stewards or reading the Guardian no longer seems to work.

I can rest easy in my bed knowing that the Left will no more make constructive use of the power of twitter and the blogosphere than they made use of anything else. They are still dominated by committees, the collective and consensus. The left has no mavericks, no outspoken humorous pundits. The Left is so afraid of offending a person who may take offence on behalf of a person who isn't offended that their entire digital offering is no better than a Student Union flyer off the photocopier (after being approved by the sub editor steering committee)

I won the buzzword bullshit bingo within ten minutes with the word "#nestlechildkillers" (used when the TUC handed out lunch bags containing an organic free trade turnip and to uproar in the hall, a Kit Kat.)

When Labour work out that a) their voters don't use the web for anything other than checking the lottery results and looking at porn and b) people like to be amused, then let me know. As I said, no chance. A circle jerk of fabian geeks, absorbed by iPhones and Obama (who won because American white democrats are savvy Macbook using Liberals. Labour voters still eat with their fucking hands and think electricity is black magic).

Friday, 7 January 2011

Next in the dock...

Today was a great day. I harassed Chaytor in person when he first went to court. I harassed him when he made his initial "I'm too important to be tried with the little people" plea at Southwark Crown Court and when I find out where he will be playing his PS2, I intend to harass him again.

Next up is Jim Devine. A Jockanese thug from the Scottish Labour Mafia, who has pleaded not guilty after making the confession of the decade, live on channel four. If he thinks he'll get off with 18 months, he's wrong. For your viewing pleasure, I give you....

On a separate note, those who subscribe to my googlegroups have been under attack from a spammer, who has now been barred. My apologies to all concerned, problem solved.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Indentured servants of the State

This house costs £60K built. Then the Government gets involved...

I notice with dismay this morning that Grant Shapps is to meddle with the housing market.

there are policies that the Government can introduce which can influence the market, such as those affecting the housing supply, the way mortgages operate and how people invest their money.
When will our Lords and masters realise that it is only when Government interferes that the problems begin?

Every housing boom and bust has been caused by the State, desperate to win more votes or desperate to redistribute your earnings to those who have not earned them. Our housing shortage is caused by numerous reasons, amongst them:

Social housing sold cheap to tenants by the million - and what did they do after buying their council properties? sold them and fucked off to villas in Spain whilst retaining the right to benefits.

Immigration - All very well opening up the borders to all those who seek to be fed, clothed and housed at no cost in the land of milk and honey but what if you don't have the housing you promised?

Bank bailouts - Banks were able to inflate house prices (and their profits) by Government introduced regulation that simply stopped them from going bust, using our money to do it. Any idiot could demand a mortgage, no reference was made to the ability to repay and our books are now full of worthless properties in the US, sold to the unemployable and passed off to us, the taxpayer as toxic debt for our grandchildren to pay off.

Planning laws - 160,000 families own 37 million acres of the UK whilst 16 million homeowners manage on just 2.8 million acres. £5000 an acre for land, £1 MILLION an acre for land with planning consent from the state.

We are not full. There is plenty of land but all of it is held captive by the State to maintain an artificial wealth that most will use to fund their own pensions, even though having paid the state to provide one for them.

I can build a house for £20,000, the sum most first time buyers will need to raise before they can now obtain a mortgage of £180,000 to purchase their first property. In all, they will repay close to £400,000 to banks to buy a house worth £20,000. they will have to pay income tax on that money, so in all, a £20K house will end up costing them £600,000 and a lifetimes debt to achieve. that is truly indentured labour to the banks and the State. Paying through the nose, a lifetime long to the plantation owner for the privilege of being a slave.

Get out of the housing market, Mr Shapps, it is killing us. I fully understand I can never afford a 6 bed property in Mayfair. Nobody taught me this and I understand what is required to get one if I require one - hard work, risk, sacrifice and brains. Why is Swindon so different?

UPDATE: The State of Hungary took over the presidency of the EU three days ago. Today, it has siezed all private pensions of Hungarian citizens. You were warned

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